What are the tricks for getting through tasks 4A and 4B on the Zigzag corridor?

Like in task 1and 3 you must know how to control the load. There are point deductions for everything you knock over, if the load touches the ground, if the 3' chain attached to the bottom of the test weight leaves the ground, and if you go over your optimum time, Hint 1 If you are not an experienced crane operator ar you are not familiar with the crane don't show everyone how cool you are using all of the cranes functions at the same time. Use 1 function at a time but don't let the load stand still, keep the load under control and moving through the course. There is plenty of time if you can control the load and this 1 function at a time method is used. (This will ensure that because you might be nervous you do not grab for the wrong function) Hint 2 When you are on the way out of the course on task 4B do not get nervous at the end. Many times crane operators get nervous at the very end of the crane practical exam test course and mess up what could have otherwise been a good run. Hint 3 Its understandable that you are nervous. If you loose control of the load: 1. Stop 2. Think 3. Act do not immediately react or you might just make it worse. This will ensure crane safety and successful completion of your crane practical examination. (optimum time 3:00 each way swing cab telescopic boom crane) (optimum time 4:00 each way fixed cab telescopic boom crane)


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  • What are the tricks for getting through tasks 4A and 4B on the Zigzag corridor?

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