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7. Someone who is recognized by degree, certificate or by professional standing due to extensive training or knowledge is considered by OSHA to be ____.

  • A.dedicated

  • B.designated

  • C.competent

  • D.qualified

8. The revolving frame of equipment on which the operating machinery (and many cases the engine) are mounted along with the operator’s cab are known as:

  • A.lowerworks/understructure

  • B.centerpin

  • C.frame

  • D.upperworks/superstructure

9. If assembly and disassembly of a crane is NOT being directed by a person who meets the criteria of a competent person AND a qualified person, it can be directed by a competent person assisted by which of the following?

  • A.a rigger

  • B.a signalperson

  • C.a qualified person

  • D.a dedicated spotter

10. Unless the manufacturer's procedures permit otherwise, while making a lift all outriggers or stabilizers must be ____.

  • A.fully retracted

  • B.made of steel

  • C.fully extended

  • D.supported by cribbing

11. According to OSHA 1926.1404 what type of rigger must be used for the assembly/disassembly of a mobile crane?

  • A.journeyman

  • B.experienced

  • C.qualified

  • D.competent

12. According to OSHA when working near energized power lines, which term is used to describe the area 360 degrees around the equipment, up to the maximum working radius of the equipment?

  • A.prohibited zone

  • B.energized zone

  • C.danger zone

  • D.danger zone

13. Upon the employer's request, the owner/operator of a power line must provide voltage information within how many working days of the request?

  • A.10

  • B.5

  • C.3

  • D.2

14. When working near energized powerlines and the use of a tagline is necessary which type of taglines must be used?

  • A.non-conductive

  • B.conductive

  • C.fiber-based

  • D.incandescent

15. According to OSHA what is the minimum distance required when operating a crane near 35kv power lines?

  • A.6 feet

  • B.10 feet

  • C.12 feet

  • D.15 feet

16. Who is required to complete the shift inspection before or during each shift in which the crane or crane-related equipment will be used?

  • A.a competent person

  • B.a desinated person

  • C.the employer

  • D.a crane operator

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