1 India_Crane_Regulations_Code Of Practice For Design Of Portal And Semi-Portal Wharf Cranes (Electrical).pdf
2 India_Crane_Regulations_Code Of Practice For Design Of Tower Cranes Part 1-Static And Rail Mounted.pdf
3 India_Crane_Regulations_Code Of Practice For Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes And Gantry Cranes Other Than Steel Work Cranes.pdf
4 India_Crane_Regulations_Code Of Practice For Heavy Duty Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes Including Special Service Machines For Use In Steel Works.pdf
5 India_Crane_Regulations_Code Of Practice For Jib Cranes.pdf
6 India_Crane_Regulations_Code Of Practice For Safe Use And Maintenance On Non-Calibrated Round Steel Link Lifting Chains And Chain Slings.pdf
7 India_Crane_Regulations_Code Of Practice For Safe Use Of Cranes Part 1-General.pdf
8 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes And Related Equipment-Accuracy Requirements For Measuring Parameters During testing.pdf
9 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Classification Part 1-General.pdf
10 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Classification Part 2-Mobile Cranes.pdf
11 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Classification Part 3-Tower Cranes.pdf
12 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Classification Part 4-Jib Cranes.pdf
13 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Classification Part 5-Overhead Travelling And Portal Bridge cranes.pdf
14 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Condition Monitoring Part 1-General.pdf
15 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Controls-Layout And Characteristics Part 1-General Principles.pdf
16 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Controls-Layout And Characteristics Part 2-Mobile Cranes.pdf
17 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Controls-Layout And Characteristics Part 3-Tower Cranes.pdf
18 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Controls-Layout And Characteristics Part 4-Jib Cranes.pdf
19 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Controls-Layout And Characteristics Part 5-Overhead Travelling Cranes And Portal Bridge Cranes.pdf
20 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Design Principles For Loads And Load Combinations Part 1-General.pdf
21 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Design Principles For Loads And Load Combinations Part 5-Overhead Travelling And Portal Bridge Cranes.pdf
22 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Inspections Part 1-General.pdf
23 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Test Code And Procedures.pdf
24 India_Crane_Regulations_Cranes-Wind Load Assessment.pdf
25 India_Crane_Regulations_Design,Erection And Testing (Structural Portion) Of Cranes And Hoists.pdf
26 India_Crane_Regulations_General Characteristics Of Lifting Hooks.pdf
27 India_Crane_Regulations_Lifting Appliances-Range Of Maximum Capacities For Basic Models.pdf
28 India_Crane_Regulations_Mobile Cranes-Determination Of Stability.pdf
29 India_Crane_Regulations_Mobile Cranes-Experimental Determination Of Crane Performance Part 1-Tipping Loads And Radii.pdf
30 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Electric Chain Hoists.pdf
31 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Eye Bolts With Collars.pdf
32 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For EyeNuts With Collars.pdf
33 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Forged RamShorn Hooks.pdf
34 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Hand-Operated Universal Gearless Pulling And Lifting Machines.pdf
35 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Lifting C Hooks With Eye-Capacity Up To 25 Tonnes.pdf
36 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Power Driven Mobile Cranes.pdf
37 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Ratchet Lever Hoist.pdf
38 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Round Steel Short Link Chains (Electric Butt Welded),Grade L(3).pdf
39 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Steel Chain Slings.pdf
40 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Swivels Part 1-General Requirements.pdf
41 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Swivels Part 2-Dimensions Of BowPiece.pdf
42 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification For Swivels Part 3-Dimensions Of Eye.pdf
43 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification Of Electric Wire Rope Hoists.pdf
44 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification Of Eye Hooks For Use With Chains.pdf
45 India_Crane_Regulations_Specification Of Hand-Operated Chain Pulley Block.pdf