Crane Operator Re-Certification Training

Turn-Key From Application to Recertification


(Candidates with 1000+ hours of crane-related experience)


Package Includes:
  • All certification testing fees.
  • Application administration.
  • Crane Operator Certification Written Exams (core exam & swing/fixed cab specialty exam).
  • Two day, 16 hour crane operator certification Written Exam preparation class.

(Passing written exams is guaranteed!)

Candidates do not need to take the Practical Exam again as long as they have accumulated 1,000+ hours of crane-related experience during their five-year certification period.

Crane related experience is defined as: crane operation, crane maintenance, crane inspection, and/or crane training.

(Candidates with less than 1000 hours crane-related experience)


Package Includes:

All Re-Certification package items listed above, plus:

  • Familiarization time with each crane.
  • Two Crane Operator Certification Practical Exams (swing/fixed cab).


Candidates that cannot provide documented proof of 1000+ hours of crane-related experience are required to retake their Practical Exams.