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31. When using two slings to rig up a load, what is the optimum safe sling angle?

  • A.30 degree

  • B.45 degree

  • C.55 degree

  • D.60 degree

32. To protect against forward stability failures, mobile cranes are capacity rated at levels ____ the tipping point.


  • B.above

  • C.below

  • D.well below

33. In demolition and underground construction, an accessible fire extinguisher of ____ rating, or higher, must be available at all operator stations or cabs.

  • A.5AB

  • B.5BC

  • C.6AB

  • D.6BC

34. Which of the following isn’t impacted by a dynamic load?

  • A.structural stability

  • B.ground pressure

  • C.increased load radius

  • D.increased boom length

35. When must rigging equipment for material handling be inspected?

  • A.prior to use on each shift

  • necessary during its use to ensure that it is safe

  • C.A and B

  • D.neither A nor B

36. Defective rigging equipment shall be ____.

  • A.repaired prior to the next shift

  • B.repaired immediately

  • C.removed from service

  • D.inspected

37. Lifting accessories shall be proof-tested prior to use to ____ percent of their rated load.

  • A.100

  • B.110

  • C.125

  • D.150

38. Crane capacity charts used by cranes on barges are provided by ____.

  • A.load charts

  • B.list charts

  • C.tip charts

  • D.tip tables

39. In demolition work, ball weights should be limited to not more than what percent of capacity at the maximum radius?

  • A.15

  • B.25

  • C.50

  • D.75

40. In the event of heat damage, torch burns, or electric arc strikes, wire rope should be ____.

  • A.repaired


  • C.replaced

  • D.refined

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